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Learn Singing Carnatic music Indian Hindustani classical vocal online Skype Lessons to Sing Hindi Light Classical Songs voice training classes online guru teachers to learn how to sing Dhrupad khyal,Tala, Alankara, Aalaap, Dhamar, Khyal,Sadra, Tarana, Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti, Kajri, Swar, Raga, Thaat, Shruti Carnatic Vocal Swara, Melakarta, Sruti, Tanam, Pallavi, Gitam trainer instructors India.

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Divya music school offers regular training classes for learning Indian classical vocal music - North Indian style - Hindustani classical vocal music and Hindustani vocal online music lessons on Skype for the convenience of the music students all over the world. Divya school of music is promoted by the top music school in India - Divya music sangeet vidyalaya, as the best Indian music education center conducting Hindustani classical vocal music hobby courses, certificate, diploma, graduation, masters and doctorate level college / university courses in Indian classical vocal music - Bhartiya shastriya sangeet gayaki. Hindustani vocal music learning lessons for beginners as a hobby and the music career courses for kids, children, young adults and university, college and school students are offered by Divya Music.

The tradition of Hindustani Classical Music was born out of the Vedic chant tradition. The ancient Samaveda deals with the norms for chanting of srutis or hyms such as Rigveda. There are significant amount of Persian and Folk influences in Hindustani music. Raags - Melodic Modes and Taals - Rythemic Modes are the two central notion in both Hindustani and Carnatik system. Common instruments used during Hindustani classical performances are Stringed Tanpura, Tabla, Sarangi, Harmonium etc. A Hindustani vocal classical performance usually begins with a 'alaap' which is a slow elaboration of the raag followed by a 'bandish' which is a composition around which the raag is improvised generally accompanied by a tabla.

The highly experienced music school faculty of the famous senior Indian classical vocal music gurus, the teachers, trainers or instructors teaching Hindustani classical vocal at Divya school of music teach the art and technique of singing traditional classical Indian Hindustani vocal music form to the vocal music students in a non - competitive, dedicated and disciplined manner following the well-known, age old 'Guru - shishya parampara' (Indian Teacher - disciple system) A Hindustani vocal singing - Bhartiya shastriya gayaki vocal music course student at Divya music center learns about the finer techniques of Indian classical vocal singing with Hindustani vocal singing practice, complete Hindustani vocal music theory knowledge of all the major subjects - including the origin, development and history of Hindustani classical vocal , contribution and work of noted Hindustani vocalists, performers - singers and musicians of the world, scales, notes (notations), work of noted Hindustani musicians of the world, classical vocal music gharanas in India Dhrupad, Khayal, Ragas and Raga based musical compositions, Talas (teen taal etc.), Rhythms, Alankars, light classical including the basics and advanced learning of how to sing classical Indian Hindustani vocal, classical singing styles during solo singing and special group singing performances and Hindustani classical vocal music singing competitions etc.

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